September greetings to you!

After taking some time off to get moved into our new addition, I am back to work and my goals are more ambitious than ever. 

Wanna hear a secret? In addition to writing personal essays and the like, I am also a novelist. So while I’m working to maintain my commitments to readers of my column, and also putting in some serious thought to my first memoir and its outline, I am also working on rewrites to my first novel.

So while you probably found me through my nonfiction writing, know that you’re also supporting me in writing a kick-ass book which will hopefully come out in the next year or two. (I know, the long lag time surprised me, too!)

My publication, Messy Mind, has been busy recently with many new writers requesting to be added to the roster. It’s hard reading someone’s story of personal loss, hardship, or growth and rejecting it. But, it’s important to stay true to the publication’s intent and high quality standards and it’s my job as editor to be sure that happens, while also giving writers a voice who otherwise might not feel free to share their stories. 

I’ve got two columns coming out this month, one on the 14th and another on the 28th. I’m still toying around with story ideas, but I’m thinking of shifting from my own upbringing to talking about parenting a child with invisible illnesses for a bit. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I should cover in upcoming columns, as I’m nearing the end of the scope I set out for myself back in January (but definitely not nearing the end of what I have to share).

Aside from all these endeavors, school will be starting next week with both my older children remote and my son continuing to be an infant. In honor of that, and the other various family obligations which inevitably chew up and swallow my time on a daily basis, I’ve begun a series of realistic, relatable Instagram/Facebook stories called “This is #WFH.” I’ve included a sampling here for your amusement. 

That’s all I’ve got for you now, but I’ll be checking in throughout the month with updates. See you soon!