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About Me

Welcome, Reader. I’m a career educator, a mom, and a writer from New England. I’ve been writing since I could pick up a pencil, but sometime in college, amid math lectures and lab assignments, I lost the motivation to write for pleasure. Not too long ago I took the biggest leap I could imagine, leaving my dream job in education to pursue writing. I never could have anticipated that, while I started out as a novelist, I would find immense pleasure in writing personal essay and memoir. 

I published my first personal essay in May, 2019. Since then, readers from across the globe have expressed their appreciation and support. Readers say they can see themselves in my words, that my stories help them process and understand parts of themselves which are hard to examine. My essays have been featured in the prestigious publications Human Parts and GEN, and on the women’s website MamaMia, but there is nothing like knowing my words helped someone who has faced similar struggles.

Readers have been requesting to access my essays without paywall restrictions, and so I launched this website as a place to share all my writing, old and new, and – most importantly – to keep in touch with you, Reader.

Thanks for your patience as I gradually move my older stories from Medium and begin posting new ones here. I’ve published a few things to get you started.


Contact me via email with collaboration, freelance, or media requests.